RBACC DIY 3-Color RGB SMD LED Module for Arduino 

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1. Module introduces:
RGB LED module is made of full-color LED with patch. Through the R, G, B three  pin PWM voltage input can be adjusted three primary colors ( red / blue / green  ) strength in order to achieve full-color mixing effect. Control of the module  with the Arduino cool lighting effects can be achieved .
2. Product features:
1) Using 5050 full color LED 
2) RGB trichromatic limiting resistor to prevent burnout 
3)Through the PWM adjusting three primary colors can be mixed to obtain  different colors 
4)With a variety of single-chip interface 
5)Operating voltage: 5V 
6)LED drive mode: common cathode driver
3. Test Code:
        int redpin = 11; //select the  pin for the red LED
        int bluepin =10; // select the pin for the  blue  LED
        int  greenpin =9;// select the pin for the green LED
        int val;    
        void  setup() {
           pinMode(redpin, OUTPUT);
           pinMode(bluepin, OUTPUT);
          pinMode(greenpin, OUTPUT);
        void  loop()
        for(val=255;  val>0; val--)
            analogWrite(11, val);
            analogWrite(10, 255-val);
            analogWrite(9, 128-val);
        for(val=0;  val<255; val++)
            analogWrite(11, val);
            analogWrite(10, 255-val);
            analogWrite(9, 128-val);
         Serial.println(val,  DEC);
LED drive mode: common cathode drive 
Operating voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 0.98 in x 0.59 in x 0.08 in (2.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.2 cm)
Weight: 0.18 oz (5 g)

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